Purchase procedure

Purchasing Procedure

1. Select the product you want and then press the BUY button then the product will enter your shopping basket. If you want to buy another product, press the BUY OTHER GOODS button when it's finished, press the View Shopping Cart button, then your list of purchases will be displayed. Carefully check your purchase list if it's correct, press the CHECKOUT button.

2. You are asked to login to your account if you do not have an account, please fill in the requested data and then press the CONTINUE button.

3. A list of purchases and shipping addresses will be displayed. Next you are asked to fill out the payment method that you will use and how to send it and then press the CONTINUE button.

4. Confirmation Your purchase will be displayed, please check carefully if it is correct press the CONTINUE button, then you will receive a confirmation email for your purchase.

5. If you choose to use Paypal as the payment method chosen, the purchase procedure is complete and you will receive a payment receipt email from Paypal if your payment has been approved by Paypal. If you choose the method of payment via Bank Transfer then you must immediately transfer to Surabaya RC account. The purchase order will be automatically deleted if you have not made a payment no later than 1x24 hours after you made a purchase.

6. If you have made a payment transfer, you are asked to confirm payment via the link in the email or via SMS


Terms and Conditions


Purchased items cannot be exchanged or returned for that, please check carefully the description and details of the product to be purchased. If you feel that there are some who are unclear, please ask / contact us first by phone / SMS / Blackberry Messenger to get more details.

Orders / Orders will be deleted by the system within 1x24 hours after the order is made if payment has not yet occurred. The buyer must remake the order / order from the beginning again if he will still buy the intended person.

We do sales with a direct and online sales system that uses the same stock / inventory and is periodically updated manually, so that if there is no stock order not available, the buyer can choose the alternative of your order to be "BACK ORDER" or canceled and the payment we have made return full.



Payment can be made via Bank Transfer to the account that we have pointed to or through Paypal.

Payment by bank transfer method is done no later than 1x24 hours after the order is made. If the transfer has been carried out, please make a payment confirmation via the link listed in your order email or in the "Confirmation" section on our website or you can also via SMS (short message) to the number.

For payments using Paypal, the purchase will be converted into US Dollar because this Paypal service does not have payment facilities with IDR / Rupiah currency, the prevailing exchange rate is the Buy Exchange Rate issued by Bank Indonesia. It should be noted that Paypal will charge a fee or fee for each transaction in accordance with the conditions that apply in Paypal, all these costs become a burden on the buyer and are included in the value of the purchase (please check carefully before the payment process is made).

Due to security reasons, we currently do not accept payments by Credit Card directly, you can use it through Paypal payment gateaway.



We are not responsible for the late delivery caused by the shipping service.

When we send the items we have given security to prevent damage during the trip, but if there is damage due to shipping, it is beyond our full responsibility.

If the buyer wants the shipment of goods to be carried out by another party (in addition to the ones recommended in the list), the additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the buyer and we are not responsible for the excesses arising from this policy.

We reserve the right to refuse requests for changes in shipping services (Courier) according to the buyer's request if we consider this to be unsafe.

Please note that for fuel or fuel purchases at this time there is no delivery via Courier.



We do not provide a warranty for every product purchased unless the manufacturer guarantees.


We reserve the right to cancel suspicious transactions and if there is fraud we will block your account and blacklist our database.